Emergency Services

Clear communication solutions designed to decrease response time to emergency situations.

Emergency Services are a pivotal part of every country in the world.  It's important for the stability and public safety in a city.  Having an efficient communications system and decreasing response time are a few ways to ensure the community is given the best service possible.  However, many of the communication systems currently in place are older and almost obsolete.  Agencies need to upgrade to digital solutions in order to prevent any failures as well as to address the needs for higher data capacity.

These agencies also require seamless coverage in complicated environments, such as large areas of forest and wilderness, inside large steel buildings and/or underground structures such as basements and tunnels.  In an older analog system these areas could cause blind zones or areas of high static, where the voice communications is unclear.  In order to provide complete and dependable coverage to all emergency service agencies, Hytera has developed high-tier digital solutions to ensure that all of these challenges are addressed and rectified for flawless day-to-day operations.