South Africa Grand Cycle Event

Talks over Hytera DMR Radios

Shenzhen, December 2014 - Hytera Communications, a world's leading Professional Mobile Radio communications solution provider, offers communications support to the Annual Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge in Johannesburg, South Africa, via its local partner Altech Fleetcall in early November. The Challenge marks its 17th year and is billed as the second largest cycling event in the world.

To appreciate the magnitude of the event’s communications requirements, the route covered large parts of Johannesburg encompassing Hillbrow, Krugersdorp, Midrand, Sandton, Fourways, Kammeeldrift and Riversands. It was an incredible logistical and technical challenge that required the building of seven Hytera DMR Tier 3 communication sites within a week in order to fully cover the entire race route with a communications network. The radios were used from Riversands Commercial Park in Diepkloof with the furthest points being the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Braamfontein and the Lion Park on the R114.


Hytera products stood the test of the Cycle Challenge from 6-16 November. The technical department of Altech Fleetcall remained on standby to ensure a smooth communication exprerience. A total of 3,609 calls were made over the network during the 10 days, with an average call duration of 31 seconds being recorded.


"It’s always a challenge in a new venue. We have always had a very sketchy radio experience at the Cycle Challenge, especially along the 94km of the route." said by Dominique de Klerk, Head/ Event Logistics and Creative: Harford Sports Promotions, "But this year was an exception. It was amazing to be sitting on the M1 South Joe Slove off-ramp, planning the route diversion with the JOC at Riversands and production runners in Randburg!"