Shuttling in Leicestershire, UK

Hytera Digital solutions service three mahor hospitals in Leicestershire.


There are three major hospitals in Leicestershire: Leicester Royal Infirmary,Leicester General and Glenfield. Over these three sites there are between 2500 and 2600 staff and 150 analog radios on-site proved to be problematic and caused frequent challenges such as poor quality audio, black spots and no messaging facility.

The three sites were unable to talk to each other through their existing system so there was no standardization. This, together with the lack of system for their job allocation, meant that productivity was low and there was no way in which they could track  where the staff were, what time a job was allocated and when it was completed. As a consequence the service offered was patchy and of a lower standard than required.

Hytera Solutions

In order to accommodate the channels required for the departments they wanted to cover, Zycomm, Hytera dealer in UK, recommended a Hytera digital system, which consisted of a total of 15 RD98X digital repeaters over the three sites. Each site is linked with the main control room based at Leicester Royal Infirmary.The software Arbiter Zycomm developed is used as an interface to link the hospital's job management system, Planet FM, with radios to send jobs/tasks via text messages. Zycomm also supplied 216 PD78X portable radios and 14 MD78X mobile radios for use over the three sites and programmed these to separate groups like Porters, Security,Management, and so on.

The Outcome

With the new system, work efficiency reaches a new level ensuring the completion rate of 100%, which never happened before and heavily reduces the fines from jobs not being done in the allotted time frame. It also allows a reduction in staff costs by full utilization of existing team members.
Hospital staff's well being is also paid high attention. The lone worker facility incorporated in the solution accommodates the ever growing health and safety regulations, and keeps staff safe when they are working in remote parts of the hospitals.

Key Features of Hytera Solutions

  • To provide a multi-site radio network linking Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General and Glenfield Hospital
  • To provide capacity for 1000 texts/jobs per day plus voice calls
  • Supply handsets to cover all services departments
  • Ensure seamless coverage over all sites
  • To supply a system that worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • To supply a number of voice channels in order to minimize any potential congestion issues
  • To provide a text message facility
  • To provide a lone worker facility in the event staff are exposed to lone working in remote locations
  • To develop a software application that would allow for Planet FM software to integrate into the digital radio system

Voice from customer

"The relationship between Zycomm and Leicester Hospitals has been a pleasure. We know that Zycomm will make things work and fix what doesn't - something that we have always struggled to find with our previous communicattion suppliers. We look forward to working with Zycomm on our next major mobilization."

-- Kevin Deakin, Pottering Manager, Glenfield Hospital