Radios vs Cell Phones

A radio system is the best choice for schools, emergency services, industries and businesses.

Two way radio systems have many benefits over a cellular solution to commercial users.   A professional two-way radio provides a much more effective solution that is customized for each purchasing firm, while a cell phone is a generic consumer electronic made for the masses.  

Below are some of the top reasons to consider a two-way radio solution over a cellular-based solution for your organization:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
l Cellular Service Costs Add up Drastically
l Use Hytera’s ROI Calculator Online to See 4 Year Costs

n Increase Due to Efficient Management of Radio Fleet
l Controlling Their Access to System Resources
l Restrict Device for Non-Personal Use

n Durability
l Radios Tested to Military Specs
l Long-Lasting Quality for Either Indoor, Outdoor / Weatherproof Use

n Purpose-Driven Devices
l Radios Built for Short Time Quick Communications
l Long-Lasting Battery for Work

n Advanced Notifications
l Can Receive AlarmsWork Tickets& Monitor Lone Workers
l Ability to Modify Communications

n Reliable System
l Independent Repeater System Not Reliant on Cellular Commercial Tower / Network
l Battery Backups Available to Ensure Communications in Emergency Power Outages