Shanghai Fairmont Peace Hotel, China

Promotes management efficiency with Hytera DMR Solution.

Proud, legendary and elegant, the Fairmont Peace Hotel,overlooking Huangpu River in central Shanghai,cherish a history that overshadows any other hotels in the Far East. Restored and reopened in 2010, the Peace Hotel features 270 rooms and suites, offering guests an extraordinary place with unique architecture, expressive decor, magnificent artistry,and top class service in one great location.


In daily operation, the Fairmont Peace Hotel found that staffs often missed call instructions in busy hours and forgot to trace back afterwards, so that response was delayed and customers were not satisfied.
For this reason, the Hotel needs to be equipped with radios that are capable of texting and can be interconnected with the existing office platform to ensure timely, accurate and convenient call instruction delivering, and the message can be real-time preserving and viewing. Moreover, instructions are preferred to be delivered quietly (avoid disturbing hotel customers) in order to upgrade the service quality & efficiency.

Knowing that Hytera's DMR series product is powerful and suitable to solve the problems above, Fairmont Peace Hotel invited Hytera engineer to assist. After discussion by both parties, the detailed requirements are as follows:

  • A professional digital communication system complying with the global trend to improve management efficiency.
  • Very good voice quality when communicating within hotel premises, anywhere, anytime.
  • Can choose different voice call types, including All Call, Group Call and Private Call, according to service requirement.
  • Develop gateway for wireless interconnection between the SMS communication system and the ail system of the Hotel's internal office platform.

Considering the requirements of the Peace hotel,after analyzing the Hotel's architectural structure, department setting and end user quantity, Hytera provides a DMR conventional solution with two carriers four-channel,which can support up to 200 terminals. The system is divided into several groups, supporting both Private Call and Group Call, making it convenient for management and dispatching. Moreover, the system could support expansion and smooth migration in future.

To meet the needs of data transmission and interconnection with the existing office platform, Hytera develops gateway to connect wireless communications SMS and the mail system of the existing office platform. The system dispatcher can send and receive short messages in both Chinese and English via the mail system with room attendants, and vice versa.

Benefits from Hytera Solution

After deploying Hytera DMR solution, the Fairmont Peace Hotel gets lots of benefits:
Improved audio quality
With the combined application of narrowband codec and digital error-correction technologies, the DMR solution is capable of ensuring superior voice in noisy environments or at the edge of the coverage area.

Reduced ownership costs
Benefited from the TDMA technology,the system allows twice the channels based on the same spectrum resource. Besides, DMR products are compatible with the analog system, ensuring a smooth analog-to-digital transition in future.

Versatile  functionalities

In addition to conventional communication services, now hotel staffs could have access to rich data services and selectable functions such as Message, GPS Dispatching, High-Speed Data Transmission and On-line Notification or Auto Registration.

Reliable terminals

All the Hytera DMR portables are strictly compliant with IP57 standards, ensuring outstanding performance even under harsh environments. And the large-size color display and programmable keys make the operation more convenient.

Secure communication

With the advanced intrinsic encryption of the digital technology,managers can get an enhanced encryption capability,ensuring the confidentiality of every call.